Network training

What is it?

It encompasses the training needed to ensure proper and impactful management of social networks or Community Management of the digital profiles of a company.

What is it for?

We take the best of your company and portfolio, analyze it, and improve on it through training. Your staff will optimize its time and talent, creating attractive and high-quality content that will be posted strategically to guarantee brand positioning, recognition, and sales increases.
For companies that already have a social network presence, we analyze whether the exposure and content is adequate for your business model, if anything needs to be eliminated or added. We also analyze how these tools have been managed, we identify if any process needs to be improved and which new strategies should be incorporated to strengthen your brand and improve results. The implementation of this service requires your company to have an individual devoted to managing social networks and media. Be it through inhouse staff or through a dedicated third party, the individual must have a basic understanding of online platforms, digital applications and tools and the web.

How do we do it?

The Community Management consultancy (social media) is designed to assist and guide companies through the process of implementing, developing, and managing social media. In cases where the company does not have an active social media presence, we guide the person in charge so that they can establish the channels and messages that best adapt to your business. We then conduct the necessary training to implement and develop the social media strategy in the most practical and functional way possible. This powerful tool can help you create, maintain, position, commercialize and capture stable customer relationships and drive engagement with both existing and potential clients. In other words, using Community Management means doubling your business presence on the cloud to increase sales in a more cost effective and efficient way.

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