Trademark search and registration

What is it?

Brand registration is a legal requirement that must be conducted in each country with the appropriate authorities, and where an individual or a company is given control or certain rights over the use and exploitation of a name.

What is it for?

When a name or a brand is registered with the appropriate authorities, they are automatically protected against misuse, abuse, theft or damage to the goodwill of your company, product or service. As such, with brand registration you are not only making your ownership official, but also protecting everything that derives from it.

How do we do it?

We conduct official searches of your brand to verify its registrability, if there is any danger or a low protection score and adapt your brand accordingly to avoid opposition to its registration. Once we ensure a high protection score and verify your brand´s registrability, we expertly submit all the necessary paperwork to register it with the proper authorities.

Our added value comes from expertise, which helps us deliver faster results and higher quality advisory services. Most importantly, we respond to malicious oppositions presented after the brand has been registered and published under your name.

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